Legal Notice Regarding Streaming Behavior

Please be advised that streaming content from sources such as YouTube may be in violation of the respective platform's Terms of Service (ToS). It is important to acknowledge that engaging in unauthorized streaming activities may lead to legal actions being taken against your project by the platform provider, in this case, YouTube.

Discord Player, as a framework, provides users with comprehensive control over the streaming behavior of their bots. It is imperative to recognize that decisions related to allowing or disallowing specific types of streams are entirely at the discretion of the bot operator or developer using Discord Player.

The authors of Discord Player and the project itself explicitly disclaim any responsibility for any consequences, legal or otherwise, arising from the use of the framework, including but not limited to casualties caused by streaming content in violation of third-party platform terms. Users are urged to comply with all applicable terms, conditions, and regulations when utilizing Discord Player for streaming purposes.

By using Discord Player, you agree to accept full responsibility for your streaming activities and to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by the platforms from which you source your content. The Discord Player authors and project maintainers shall not be held liable for any legal actions, damages, or other liabilities resulting from the misuse or violation of third-party platform terms.

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