A curated list of resources like open-source music bots and extractors, built by the Discord Player community.

Music Bots

Music Bot
Discord Player (Promoted)

A complete music bot example covering topics like custom playlists, persistent config, custom extractor, redis cache, web interface and more.

Discord Player (Promoted)

A Free Discord Music Bot. No locked functionality, no premium tier, no ads; everything's free, always!

Discord Player v6.6.7

A simple discord bot made to make someone's life easier. Currently features Music Playback, Fun Commands, Leveling System & Moderation Tools
Discord Player v6.6.7

An open-source Discord music bot with an interative dashboard, only plays music, nothing else.

Music Disc
Discord Player v6.6.6

I am using discord-player to play music on Discord with friends. It's easy to set up and run yourself.

Discord Player v6.6.4

Typescript bot running on Docker, using discord-player for music and lyrics.

Bhop Music Bot
Discord Player v6.6.4

There were not many bots made with discord-player 6.0.0 and discord.js 14.7.1, I was bored and made a simple one. We are using discord-player to listen music while bhopping. 🐇

Elite Music
Discord Player v6.6.4

An open-source & feature-packed Discord music bot, complete with a large selection of commands, effects, customisability, Docker & Plex support and much more! 🚀💪

Mirasaki Music Bot
Discord Player v6.6.3

Complete (45+ commands) music bot with persistent settings, effects, filters, auto-play, DJ-roles, and much more.

Discord Player v6.6.3

A moderation & utility bot with music to play everyone's favourite music.

Discord Player v6.6.3

AstroMonkey is an open-source music bot! it has support for Autocomplete search using Slash Commands, Queue management to take control of your music, and playlists to add music too for later.

Discord Player v6.6.1

This is a music bot created by using the sapphire framework & discord-player with this project being written in TypeScript.

Discord Player v6.6.0

A discord bot that use discord-player to play music from netease-cloud-music

Discord Player Bot
Discord Player v6.3.1

Feature rich & configurable discord music bot with a cool dynamic website

Discord Player v6.3.0

Complete and configurable discord music bot using discord-player

Discord Player v6.3.0

Very simple and based official guide music bot, written in TypeScript.

Wego Overseer
Discord Player v6.2.1

Using discord-player to manage Wego Overseer's music functionality

Discord Player v6.1.1

Fun discord bot with helpful util commands and music player using discord-player.

Discord Player v6.1.1

Useful Discord music bot with many commands and effects to spice up your music.

Discord Music Bot
Discord Player v6.1.0

I'm using discord-player to make a discord music bot, it does pretty much the same as what a normal music bot does, also has lyrics and filters.

Lofi Girl bot
Discord Player v6.0.0

I made a Lofi music bot with discord-player

Music Bot
Discord Player v6.0.0

Only a music bot which use discord-player.

Discord Player v6.0.0

I am using discord-player to play music with shards

Discord Player v5.4.0

Open source bot made using discord.js and discord-player that contains dice rolling and music playing functionality.

Discord Player v4.1.0

We are using discord-player to manager all of our music commands.